What Spadamedia does:

Analyses your requirements and proposes tailored solutions, organizes and oversees the turn-key production from the pre-printing stages to printing, binding, packaging and delivery throughout Italy and Europe.

For all printing products:

  1. Magazines and Periodicals
  2. Commercial Catalogues
  3. Tabloid and Fold-outs for Distribution Chains
  4. Newspapers and Free Press
  5. Informative and/or Advertising Posters, Flyers and Leaflets
  6. Illustrated Books
  7. Children’s and School Textbooks
  8. Books, Booklets, Manuals, Comics or Quiz Magazines in Black & White
  9. Calendars
  10. Diaries, Shopping Bags, Boxes, Displays and Totems.

Whatever the quantity, you will have a complete network of specialized suppliers through a single contact point.
Thanks to the numerous businesses that work alongside us, your product will always find its ideal collocation through the choice of specific technologies from the vast diversity of  presses available. You will be offered a complete range of printing solutions for small, medium and high quantities using:
Web Offset Printing, Sheet-fed Offset Printing, Black & White and Two-Colour Printing on Timson Rotary Press, Cold-set Web Offset, Rotogravure Press, Digital Printing, Bookbinding, Packaging for Postal Subscriptions, Graphic Projects, Advertising, Pre-press Functions, Electronic Publishing.